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Having actually worked extensively on Gas wells collection grids and processing plants, security is a joke no armed ones they are more interested in you not having personal safety violation than actual security. Even if you put military to cover it no way they could do more than cover one gas field and from any one you can cause a shutdown of any inter connected one, this has happened by accident before when cascading equipment failure. If you knew where and what to do you could with a few people effectively cripple whole gas grid in 10 min which would cause a shut down of the gas fired power plants which would collapse the grid wholesale. To make it worse most of the items you would need you could find on site of a pumping station. even when at the control center they would see it show up would take hour + to get an unarmed contractor to show up as you cant have a weapon while working on any gas site due to safety.

You could not cover the gas or oil collection grids as not enough people or choke points it would end up like TSA and air port security theater. You can if motivated in winter go over the swamp when frozen like the ice roads do no way to stop this on grids millions of square km