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It has been a very long time since the GOP ran a good Presidential campaign. The Dems are much better coordinated and focused. And demographics is on their side.

It isn’t that they are better coordinated and focused: it is that the media pushes their agenda as fact, the DOJ and FBI won’t prosecute them for illegal activity, and they are allowed to CONSTANTLY defraud the American people during voting. The system is so corrupt and supportive of the Democrat’s corruption that we the people are completely hosed. We will never be able to get our country back from the liberal/progressive demonic agents of hell without the hotspots of liberalism being destroyed completely.

Reid was outed in the last election, and admitted, that the SEIU programmed the voting booths to change votes to him. Frankin would have never got elected if it weren’t for the voter fraud. There were enough fraudulent votes (reported several times by different agencies) that Obamination might not have been reelected if all was on the up and up. Email hacks prove how corrupt the Dems are….. The list goes on.

It isn’t coordination and focus. It is PURE corruption that needs to end.