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I was hoping Hillary would swallow the fly. Garbage attracts flys. The democrats are hypocrites thru and thru. They have no center. They’re objective is to say anything and do whatever it takes for power. If the GOP doesn’t control them there is no one else to do it. Hillary stands there and says she did what she did… judge me. That’s one evil woman we have running for president. The moral debt burden is to high. She uses what’s good about the country to pay for her crimes. She belongs behind bars along with her enabler husband Bill. Their political party is a mob looting the country. This is why the GOP should win. Trump is the real leader. No Trump, no country. A total breakdown otherwise. Shtf is a survival group right? 19 trillion + in stolen money and climbing like a rocket launch. The banks just love her. No wonder she doesn’t want the public to read her Goldman sacks speeches. The public private hypocrisy has to end.