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I finished taking all of the “stuff” in the garden down (posts, weed fabric etc). Taking up the weed fabric was tough given so much of it and a couple thousand 6″ staples. I still need to chop the residue up on my mower’s highest setting before I can start dumping leaves on it or have it rototilled. Right now the deer, bear and other critters are feasting on what was left in it when frost hit two nights in a row two weeks ago. Tonight and tomorrow look like frosts again.

I also got my wood brought back up to about a 3 year supply going into the winter. About 4 cord is on my front porch and another 10 or so in my wood shed behind the garage. I rotate it faithfully so it is always the oldest wood being used first. I’ve got a dozen or so dead smaller elm trees to take down this autumn which I’ll throw in the pile. Small trees I do myself as well as any trimming but I leave big ones for others to cut, split & haul away for their own firewood. Too much work and potentially dangerous. Easier to pay $200 for a cord cut, split & delivered right next to the wood shed. Yesterday a handyman/contractor that I’ve got doing some work for me along a section of stone wall pointed out a large dead black cherry. He saw I had 3 other trees tagged for someone to take down this winter and figured I missed one. I was going to tag that one too but then saw it was boxed in between other trees I want to keep and a power line. It needs professionals with a lift to take it down in sections rather than dropping it. Not sure if I’ll hire someone to do it or leave it to eventually fall on its own and let the power company deal with it.

The leaves are coming down and piling up fast. That’s always a huge chore given the size of my yard. I do it at the end of the season and then the lawn is still clean come Spring, so only once per year even if it takes me a few days to do it.

I will shortly head on down to Oyster Bay, Long Island for the annual meeting of the Trustees for a historic family cemetery that I’m a Trustee of, and then back again tonight. Makes for a long day but it is a pleasant ride through the countryside until you get down near NYC. Hard to understand how people can live in all that crowding.