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Just another prep day. I bought a surefire wrist light for waking up in the middle of the night. Wearing it to bed at night I’ve always got a light handy. The angle of led as it comes off the wrist makes it useful as a shooting light or area light. No trouble for me sleeping with it on.
The weather is nice, it’s Columbus Day coming and we havent had a hard freeze. Leaves falling but no nip of the winter to come. I’ve got a 8×57 sporterized Mauser given to me a gift. I’ve never used it. I like the bolt and stock both in excellent condition. It’s like an heirloom to me. Back when there was a huge deer population in ny they did a lot of conversions. The 40s and 50s. Way before my time. But that was when they would still take a 200 pound buck. Too many people here now.