No American news outlet, including Fox is truly going to cover the failure in Southern Africa.
The failure of zim and ZA despite the victory of democracy (One man, one vote) is something that can’t be allowed to get out, by TPTB as they had much to do with creating the situation over there.
For various reasons we will leave that alone.

Kommie Zim has a history of not allowing information about the real state of the economy, the availability of groceries, etc., out to the world. It would show the failure of Komrade bob, and the complete corruption of the .gov there.
And anyone who thinks that what’s happening there isn’t a complete failure is deluding themselves.

Look closely at Southern Africa.
Look closely at Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit.
When the comparisons are made, the similarities noted, a new perspective will be had.

I have a feeling that many of our foreign friends are self-censoring.
With what is happening, certain websites, certain knowledge is dangerous, this one included.
And while we are paranoid about the NSA, there are places where that’s comparably nothing.

Best hopes and wishes for our brethren in foreign lands, I’m afraid they will need all they can get.