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In the Washington mall shooting there was no evidence of a terror attack. The suspect was a white male. (Why didn’t they immediately assign alt.right domestic terrorism status to it??? All the signs where there – white male.)

The suspect became a Hispanic male. There was no evidence of terrorist involvement. Some said they heard him possibly saying a woman’s name as he went through the mall, indicating a possible domestic issue. (Was her name “Alu Akbar?”)

Names were not being released, but the male and female victims appeared to be random, ranging from a 16 year old girl to a senior citizen. But no evidence of terrorism. (The dead victims weren’t around to interview about any possible feelings of terror they might have experienced.)

The suspect was caught, but motive and identifying or background information were not being released at that time. And there was still no evidence of terrorist intent.

The suspect’s name was released, and enterprising “journalists” discovered Facebook and other web information about him, including that he was a joker and could be a pain at times, and that he claimed to be Russian. Still no evidence of terrorist activity.

The suspect “immigrated to the U.S. from Turkey [and] is a legal permanent resident.” He has a history of three domestic violence charges against him, with his stepfather as the victim. He was “told by an Island County District Court judge on Dec. 29 that he was not to possess a firearm.” He also has a drunken driving charge. He’s 20 years old and still driving a car and possessed a gun. But there’s still no evidence of terror.

We learn that his “stepfather urged the judge not to impose a no-contact order, saying his stepson was ‘going through a hard time.’ ”

GOOD WORK, journalists. It is comforting to know that we don’t have yet another lone wolf white, Hispanic, Russian, Turk terrorist, with court involvement that didn’t stop him from driving after a DUI prior to age 21, or possessing a firearm after not one, but three domestic violence charges and a judge’s instruction not to have a gun. We just need tougher gun laws and greater tolerance for immigrants – especially those “going through a hard time” that are not clear whether they are from Russia, Turkey, or Zombieland.