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    “In the revolution, you see, the ordinary criminal, as well as the illegal immigrant, is at least an honorary member, if not a full-fledged officer, of the revolutionary class, like Karl Marx’s proletariat or Herbert Marcuse’s countercultural college students and hippies. By contrast, common hoodlums who commit rapes, robberies, and murders serve as the de facto field troops of the culture war, and it is hardly an accident that there is now a growing movement to extend the vote to those criminals unlucky enough to have landed in prison. Having served the revolutionary elite well, they deserve a promotion.” — Samuel Francis: Synthesizing Tyranny

When the federal government not only invites, but transports, houses, and subsidizes, thousands of members of a religion, known the world over for being generally at war with all who dare to disagree with their literal and violent doctrines, “settling” them at great expense in domestic communities where they are as different from us citizens as wolves are from sheep, then blames the inevitable violence done to us upon our lack of tolerance(!), they (the fedgov) are using the imports to conduct war-by-proxy against us, even if the imports have never received formal military training.

Cry, "Treason!"

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