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Civil war or states dropping out of the union

I keep seeing that prediction, but I honestly want to know how a state will actually and successfully “drop out of the union.” With every business block in the state, there are nationwide companies as well as international companies. Citizens of the state in question would suddenly have their federal benefits in question, such as Social Security, military retirement, federal civil service retirement, disability, etc. What would happen to those hundreds of thousands, at least, in a very large number of states, such as Texas for example?

And those types of questions don’t even address the legal issues involved, or even – as stated – potential civil war. What state is currently up to engaging the U.S. military with its quasi-federal “state” National Guard?

The concept of secession is exciting to me – but I don’t see how it would end up being possible – financially, legally, militarily, future trade, etc., etc., etc.