“Most of them could not care less – they’re the ones you’d pick out by their qualities, not some intellectual number.” True. We personally know a physics professor who is sooo arrogant. Brilliant too, yet does not have a clue about tact or social interaction. Boasts like a four-year-old, always ‘one-upping’ every story he hears, stepping on toes and hurting people’s feelings. Some of it is sheer ignorance because he does show compassion when someone is hurting.

As far as I’m concerned I enjoy people who have the intelligence to figure things out, improvise when necessary, do a workmanlike job of whatever they do, and season life with a little twist of humor. Some people we knew in the Blue Ridge Mountains (when we lived there) qualified, although they did not attend high school. They could analyze multiple bits of information but knew little of ‘proper’ word usage, per English professors. But could use words to construct vivid imagery and stunning comebacks. (My husband and I seem to get along with all spectra of society and diverse cultures.)