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Wild artist, interestingly when one does enough IQ testing, one also begins to pick up subtle clues to the IQ range of people through such things as their ability to analyze multiple bits of information, sentence structure, word usage, etc. It’s not fool-proof, but combinations of those kinds of things become pretty good indicators. And equally interesting are the different types of people with high IQs. There are clearly too many who want to define themselves as high IQ (and be recognized and deferred to as a result). Those are the ones that don’t have a clue about what they don’t have a clue about – i.e. out of touch with the real world of real people. Then there are those that are clearly high IQ, but simply don’t care – they just go about their daily business and interaction with people across a wide spectrum of society, and appreciate the good people around them for who they are. Thankfully there are plenty of them, also. I suspect there are a number of this 2nd category here in this group.

Don’t forget that with 325 million people in the U.S., there are 2% (6.5 million) that qualify for Mensa membership. Most of them could not care less – they’re the ones you’d pick out by their qualities, not some intellectual number.