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Meanwhile, as they micro-surveil born-and-raised US citizens, we have the likes of sweet little Dahir Adan, the Kenyan Muslim, floating around in our midst, undetected. From WCCO (CBS) in Minneapolis we get the following account. Note the family said he was employed as a security guard. He terminated his previous security guard employment in the spring, and wasn’t employed by the company they claimed he was currently working for. The family claimed he was a college student, but he dropped out in the spring. They claimed they will cooperate with the investigation – but only “within the limits of the law.” And they ask us not to rush to judgement about their sweet little boy who was only going to the mall to pick up his new iPhone at the T-Mobile store, only to be “gunned down by an off duty officer.” BLM, don’tchaknow. Kudos to the white Harvard grad, with the wonderfully contrasting red hair and black eyebrows, that wrote the informative story.

The security firm Securitas issued a statement that Adan had resigned in June of 2016 from his part-time security job with them and that he had been assigned to the St. Cloud company Electrolux Home Products.

The family says he was currently working as a security guard at Capital One in downtown St. Cloud and that he was enrolled as a student at St. Cloud State. But St. Cloud State said he had been enrolled between 2014 and the spring of 2016 and was no longer enrolled there. Late Monday, Capital One said that after a review of company records, Adan had never worked there.

Yussuf says the family can’t understand what happened between the time he left and the time he stabbed nine people and was gunned down by an off duty officer inside the Macy’s store.
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And while we have heard numerous victims say Adan was shouting “God is great” in Arabic and demanding to know if shoppers were Muslim or not, the family told Yussuf he was not particularly religious and that they did not know of any ties he had to ISIS or radical groups.
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“As a family, we are committed to fully cooperating, within the limits of the law, with all the relevant law enforcement agencies as they conduct their investigation.