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Great police work …. glad I don’t live in Gotham.

Yeah, and they even were nice enough to tell the NEXT bombers to make sure they wear gloves when constructing the bombs, so as not to leave identifying finger prints. Of course the points for the assist go to the news media that happily passed on the tip.

If anyone really believed that the TV show, “Person of Interest”, was fiction, they were woefully naive. “Slate” magazine has two excellent stories on line at the moment, on the same page. I highly recommend both. The first is about what DARPA/NSA/whoever has chosen to actually reveal about their capabilities in this regard. The title of the first article is a most absurd rhetorical question: “Could the Pentagon’s 1.8 Gigapixel Drone Camera Be Used for Domestic Surveillance?” (The obvious response is not whether it could, but, “For how long has it already been going on?”)


The article is basic but OK, but the link in the above article is a worthless video because they claim the original PBS/Nova program is not available for streaming. It’s quite available on YouTube in its entirety. For anyone not having seen it, it’s beyond chilling. For most here however, it will not be so chilling – we’ve already been sufficiently chilled. But here’s an outstanding 4-minute excerpt from the entire program:

Following the above article, be sure to read, “The Problem With That Cellphone Alert About the Chelsea Bombing Suspect.”


It discusses multiple significant problems with the cell-phone alert blast that went out across the NYC area today concerning the “alleged” bomber (now recovering in custody from the police-induced bullet holes). We all heard ABOUT the alert – but I didn’t hear anything in the news reports that said how useless they were until this article. No photo, no description – just this text alert (click link to view alert):


That went out to thousands of subway riders who suddenly were looking suspiciously at everyone around them that looked like they might be named “Ahmad.”

Seems to me we just witnessed a great exercise in the conditioning of around 10 million people.