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Oh, they accept IQ scores from any of the standard, recognized IQ tests (Wechsler, Stanford-Binet, etc.), as well as a few other “equivalents” such as a high SAT or GRE score that would generally indicate a high IQ. Yes, they also have their own test for those that haven’t been able to obtain an IQ score from school testing, or don’t have a decent SAT or GRE score, for example, but the bottom line is that the concept of having a top 2% IQ score, regardless of the testing used to obtain the score, is NOT indicative of anything other than that person’s brain is capable of doing a multitude of specific, measurable functions better than 98% of everybody else. It says NOTHING about the common sense or social appropriateness of the individuals holding membership in the “society.” DC is full of them ….
[Note: I had to do enough IQ testing in grad school to be able to become certified in the tests. One learns a lot in that process …. Talk about having one’s eyes opened! I was just a young (late 20s) grad student at the time, without a lot of “life experience” yet. What an education – and preparation for the rest of my life in the real world! LOL!]