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I remember thinking, oh so long ago, that we could never have a worse administration that WillieJeff Clinton. And now watching the massive destruction of the constitutional republic, and the out-front, blatant use of Alinsky’s and Cloward and Piven’s work, all in just 7½ years (with almost another ½ year to go – shudder! - I still shake my head in disbelief, wondering if this can all be real. Of course, Bush II certainly did a great job of setting this administration up to do its “job” of widespread destruction.

What’s so very amazing – yet so easy to understand why now that I’ve had a lifetime to watch it all unfold – is that the nominal “citizens” of this land don’t generally have any clue what’s going on, or that there’s even anything wrong with the way it’s being handled. “JUST a war of narratives?!?” And nobody of consequence, particularly among the general population, is calling them on that typical piece of idiocy?

The separately posted “humor” earlier, could not have been more appropriate to see and capture a photo today, after that quote from Earnest. “Brilliance” indeed …. All I COULD do was laugh out loud when I saw it – the irony was just too much, on so many levels.