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It certainly makes me think, but the thoughts aren’t pleasant. It’s not too hard to see that the overwhelming majority of the CONgress (along with the pretendsident and at least half of the Extreme Court) is avidly in favor of flooding the country with as many hostile foreigners as possible, who’ll demand all the freebies (paid for by Americans) but would rather die than become Americans. We’re as cooked as Europe, just a few years behind. In every possible way, our government is not only out of citizen control, it is finally out of citizen ability to ever get control of it, barring universal global warfare, and certainly not our friend.

A domestic insurrection would only weaken us enough to let a foreign nation become our occupier/slavemaster, as if they’d be somehow better than the ones we currently have. Our current rulers want us to mouse up and fork over an ever growing chunk of our earnings, but at least most of them haven’t called for annihilating us … yet. Foreign ones might just peremptorily wipe us all out, to ease the crowding of their surplus population. Do we citizens really get a choice anyway? Western civilization, such as we have known it, will only survive as an ideal in the minds of the living who once experienced it.

Please tell me where I’m off track to cheer me up.

Cry, "Treason!"