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Yes, that MAY have simply been a fainting spell after feeling light headed. At the same time, there’s far too much we don’t know. Who was the last person you knew that had a concussion and subsequently had to wear the special prism glasses due to neurological damage?

Watch her before they ever begin to move her to the vehicle, as she’s propped up against the little pillar. She’s being heavily supported by the female to her left, holding her arm high up under her armpit in order to control her if she starts to fall. That was no mere arm or hand-holding – that was significant support. Then watch as the vehicle pulls up and they begin to open the doors – watch her legs and feet. She’s losing the ability to stand – probably on the verge of losing consciousness. Then her legs begin to buckle, well before they get her to the curb. She’s then falling forward, and may not even be conscious as she’s put in the vehicle.

Think back to her having to postpone her testimony before Congress as Secretary of State. When she finally did show up, she was wearing the special prism lenses used for double vision. And that was a virtual certainty from the fall she experienced from – drum roll – “dehydration from a stomach virus.” Dehydration? Didn’t we just hear that (“dehydration”) this weekend, only to later learn that she’d already been diagnosed with pneumonia during the work week?

But do you want another angle on all that? With her money, and the Clintons’ obsession with “image,” why would she be wearing stick-on fresnel lenses, when those can be built into glasses and be nearly invisible? Was that all a prop to justify her delay in testifying? MAYBE, just maybe, she never even HAD a brain injury, and that was all just another lie. I’d expect that if she REALLY had a brain injury, they’d want to bury that story so deeply that she’d have had the special lenses constructed so the public could NOT easily see the weird looking lenses. But instead, it was as if she wanted everyone to see that weird effect in her glasses. That suggests the possibility of another fake story.

Regardless of that, let’s take a memory lane walk back to 2012, even 2008. She was having coughing fits back then.

Pneumonia then too? Allergies? Something else? Anybody can cough, but how many people, particularly public figures, have multiple coughing fits in public over multiple years, take multiple falls, and have multiple observed instances of unsteadiness?

IF she really did have a concussions, we now understand that they are far more serious, and can result in even life-long consequences, than was known in previous years. To have vision problems months after the fall would suggest that hers was no mild concussion by any stretch of the imagination. All the more reason for widespread scrutiny of her complete medical record – not a campaign-produced summary. But we will never, ever see it (at least in her lifetime).

Even David Axelrod, committee commie and previous Clinton (both) supporter, had this to say about this weekend’s “incident” :

First he called Hillary Clinton a “bobblehead” for her habit of nodding like a toy dog.
Now President Barack Obama’s former adviser, David Axelrod, is knocking Clinton while she lies in her sick bed.
Axelrod — director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics — tweeted Monday morning: “Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?”


To have David Axelrod bad-mouthing the Democrat candidate this late in the game is highly significant all by itself, and for the Chicago Trib to do the reporting may be even more significant. We MAY yet see the Democrats do what the Republican insiders have been trying to do – switch candidates. And can you imagine the law suits that will come as a result, with early voting ballots already having been mailed out in some states, as well as the ballots being closed in virtually all if not entirely all states? We could end up with an electoral crisis before November 8th, and perhaps not even a swearable president-elect in January.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “Stand by for NEWS!” Ain’t politics fun?!? Wheeeeeee! — Answer: no, it’s not – it’s deadly serious. Ask Vince Foster, and particularly Ron Brown. I’ll flat guarantee that the Ron Brown crash story was so technically flawed, as reported in the media, it’s laughable to any former instrument rated military pilot (I am one), and particularly to anyone familiar with the fact that this plane supposedly had no flight data recorder, but was used to fly Hillary and Chelsea to Turkey just a week prior. No flight data recorder for the First Lady? LMAO! A retired senior Air Force NCO directly associated with communications involving AF-1 and the President personally confirmed to me that he could not conceive of that same aircraft not having a flight and/or cockpit data recorder.