The .22 Long Rifle.

If ever there’s a cartridge that has had more time and money spent on it for redevelopment and improvement you’re going to search long and hard to find it.

Even today there are certain modifications that can help, depending on your needs.

The CCI SGB load came about thanks to some intrepid bullet modifiers, but finally made available at a full 40gr weight unlike the others. And it’s good if you can find it, and don’t mind the cost.

For some of us, cheap is important, same with commonly available. Which the CCI product seldom is, if it’s still in production, which varies.

What’s an intrepid shooter to do?
First option used to be to pick up a Hanned SGB tool. Sadly Hanned appears to now be out of business, not just out of production. So the options begin at home (or a local machine shop).
If one is even remotely handy, a SGB tool can be made.

It is that easy, and by making a couple of them with various lengths, one can make them personalized for various firearms. My pocket model is a little short for use in semi auto’s and some magazine fed guns but single loading it is worth the effort. I went so far as to make a 50 round SGB block on the milling machine, to do an entire box of ammo at one time.

Effectiveness on game is surprisingly good, a large number of jackrabbits have fallen to this bullet with more obvious “punch”: than standard ammo. Same for prairie dogs.

To take bullet modification a step further for manually operated guns and wheelguns, there’s the tools available from Paco Kelly at http://pacotools.com/tool_discriptions.
The ATS Lethal Tool is a new version of the SGB tool, with nippers included. He keeps modifying the design and improving on it, it’s worth a look.

Then there’s the Acu’rzr Tool.
It performs several functions, but with the most options to make plain vicious bullets out of factory ammo.
Cup Point, the Nasti-Nose hollowpointer and the Scorp’n tool heads make for both more accurate ammo, but highly effective ammo at the same time.
For a better vision what can be done with these, check out: http://gunblast.com/Paco.htm

As with all ammunition modification, your mileage may vary, and the risk is on you.

I will say that the old .223 version of the Convert A Ball I made years ago for 55gr ball takes soft point ammo to a new dimension of messy.

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