My comments were not racist either , they are fact , the numbers of both are of no consequence in the bigger picture of the country’s population as a whole to be a determining factor in any rebellion . As far as the BLM people go , they are a minority among Blacks , blacks are 17 % of the population , the BLM crowd is what ? about 3-5% of that 17 % ? ……..again they are of no numerical value , their politics are fringe and not supported by the black majority . Sort of like the KKK is to White people . The SD Indians ( and most natives ) are indeed self absorbed and have little use for the outside world , therefor would make poor allies , this is fact . the numerical % of native Americans is also low in the big picture . This is fact . They in a general sense dont care what happens outside the res ……………they see themselves as an independent country and behave that way . They wouldnt give a crap about the population as a whole as more than likely , they would continue to be left alone and insulated by the powers …………why ? because their numbers are no threat as opposed to the general population . Again , they wouldnt be very good allies because they dont see themselves as patriots of the country attempting to save it . Its the tribe , and thats it , narrow focus , like the BLM crowd , blacks and nobody else matters . This is the truth , if it comes across as racist , I dont give a crap , I look at things in a more pragmatic way , and political correctness is not part of that , nor will it ever be . I make no apologies . Both groups , dont care about the country as a whole , outside their own little group .
Interesting thing about the liberator pistol , it was dropped by the hundreds , but not one account of it actually being used for its intended purpose . Then again , considering the situation of partizans , it may have been used , but they cant go around shouting about it . Either way , it did have a psychological affect on the Germans .