Saint, my comments weren’t aimed as a racist remark.
My Mohawk ancestors might take offense.

But I stand by my previous comment.

Why would I say something like that?
Simple, because in my experience with several modern Indian groups it is true.

It’s not a matter of race or melanin deficiency, but an attitude in modern people. Regardless of background.

The law failed or worked, doesn’t matter, we will protest and do “X” until we get our way.

Be it BLM or any other group that resorts to violence when they don’t get their way, it’s just mob rule.

Be it LA, Ferguson or SD, the “good” intent if there was any is lost when the criminal activities start.

I spent a little time with a couple tribal cops on the Oglala reservation. Funny thing, the elders, the Vietnam era vets, even some of those who had protested with AIM we’re accepting and friendly. Welcoming even to the ‘paleface’.

FYI, it was long before I put on a badge, but was an anthropology student. One of the tribal cops was the brother of a classmate/friend.

It was the youth, the hotheads, those that couldn’t accept anything at face value that had issues with my mere presence.

These are the priveleged kids, given everything, raised in the modern way of thinking and behaving.

Same with the BLM types, white and black. These are not people who have the slightest concept of the words spoken by Dr King, nor his intent.

They don’t care, their actions and words prove it daily.

Can you really see either group working with anyone who isn’t one of them, regardless of the cause? I can’t.

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