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I don’t see the SD Indians or BLM types joining forces with whitey regardless of common enemy.

Good thing both are a numerical minority in the country , both as a race and politically

If one watches closely (the news media doesn’t focus on it, but in the background and 1-second shots as they pan across the SD pipeline protesters), one will note a very large percentage of the American Indians protesting are also wearing caps representing the units in which they served, or the wars in which they fought in their younger years. There is a patriotism there that we “whiteys” do not understand as a people, nor do we understand that (with the usual few militant exceptions present in all groups, not just Native Americans) American Indians are quite willing to co-exist in peace. The problem is, our government won’t honor the hundreds of legal peace treaties that have been signed over the years, and as a result that same government continues to wage subtle, ongoing war against them. The BLM-types have little to complain about in comparison. What is a wonder to me is that there has NOT been a modern-day Indian uprising – I dare say it would not be unwarranted.

And frankly, I’m more than saddened that comments like the above would be made here when one of our own Forum members has, on multiple occasions, identified himself as Native American. It’s no wonder that he hasn’t been heard from in months here. But another in our midst had the privilege of talking with Russell Means, and can attest to the fact that he was quite willing to have any of us as neighbors in the Republic of Lakotah – if we would but live in peace with them, in every sense of the word.

I posted the following several months ago mainly as perhaps the finest lesson on the Constitution that I’ve ever seen. But I’m posting it this time because of the title: “Americans are the New Indian.” Probably few if any will bother to spend 90 minutes with it, but in the hope that at least one or two will, I’d suggest that there is a massive amount of learning to be had here – on multiple levels. (Disregard the “InfoWars” logo and opening credit – they have no input in the content.)