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All the more reason(s) to be as close to our own single-source provider as possible. I have a regrettably long way to go….

One thing’s for certain: I’ve learned to read labels FAR more closely. A trip down the frozen foods aisles yields such things as “wild caught Alaskan salmon.” Surely THAT must be good for you!? Ooops – that pesky labeling. It’s more often than not, a product of China (or at minimum, shipped there to be “processed and packaged” before coming to us). Or check the vast majority of garlic sold in the United States (product of China). Etc., etc., etc. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the background stories concerning shrimp from Thailand. And even U.S. catfish are almost all “farm raised” and fed things we likely don’t want to know about, as they attempt to swim in conditions not even remotely similar to their wild ancestors’ habitat.