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Every human being was born with the Right to defend him/herself, family, and honestly earned property, as an inherent aspect of being human — God-given, if you so understand. Governments everywhere deny that right (some more stringently than others, but all to some extent), because the kind of people who form and head governments invariably “need” to subordinate everyone else. It takes at least some of that attitude to wish to lead at all. But knowing that “leaders,” however needed, are not angels, the founders of the USA (and to some extent in most nations) wrote limitations upon the power of the government, and guarantees of Rights in our State and Federal Constitutions.)

The problem is that a disarmed people are always in a poor position to insist on respect for their Rights, and a lax, uninformed people progressively lose those few they still exercise, until they find themselves enslaved. It all depends on what they want most, ease or liberty.

Cry, "Treason!"