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Thanks Selco, The U. S. A. has over 100 million gun owners and the last time I saw some stats they were saying that the 100+ million Americans own from 400 to 500 million guns. With a population of 325 million I say that 100 million are children so it is close to 50% or 1 in 2 Americans own a gun. Ammo well I know many have over 100 to 1,000’s of bullets.
I agree that for the government to go door to door here to take guns away will be a civil war. Just think that 1 in to homes has a gun so the minute they go door to door everyone will know and many will fight to the end for there rights. I read that the number that will fight back will be 10% or 10 million but I think that the minute it starts that many will joint in.

Gun right in the U. S. A. has stopped many counties from thinking of a ground war here since they will have to fight not only the military not the people too.