Hello folks.
Here is my input here about owning the weapon and right to have weapon.
In order to have weapon here (handgun) you need to go to whole set of different “tests”.
First you need to prove that you mentally and phisically in right condition, with physical exams, exams over with psychiatrist, psycologist etc.
After that you need to collect papers that you do not have (any) criminal record. After that you go to classes to learn weapon basics.
During collecting of all papers folks from local police station usually do kind of investigation-or in reality just couple of conversations with your work collegues and neighbours, about your personality, for example if your neighbour hates you he says that you have rage problems sometimes, or drink too much and your license is out of the option.
After all that you get permit to buy one pistol and (optinally) one revolver.
Whole procedure to get licence usually take around 6 months.
Just to collect all papers and finish exams and similar cost you around 500 USD.
To buy pistol-glock 21 for example will cost you around 850 USD
One .45 round is 1 USD
Average salary (monthly) here is around 450-500 USD.
When you get your licence, when you buy your gun, then you have right to buy around 30 rounds per year (not more). Usually when you buy another 30 rounds you need to prove where you “spent” first 30 rounds.

Once you get your licence and your gun you can lost both just because one bar fight (even you left your gun at home) because you are “violent”.
Any kind of violence record automatically means losing of your gun and licence, usually forever.
This all above goes for Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia… whole number of countries here around,with slight differences in expenses maybe.

What is scary here is actually fact that system is strongly encouraging you not to have gun, not to be armed. And that is really scary we all know why.

OK, other story here is that you could buy AK at black market for 150 USD with four magazines, assoult west, and small marks on rifle butt meaning kill count :) but if caught you go to prison from one to two years.

I remember from last war armed groups going from door to door with lists of people who have weapon at home, that papers with license owners names are taken from police station.
You could give them your gun or die.
Being on someone s list as a gun owner is scary idea too here.

Right vs permission (privilege or allowance)

The near unique ability of the American to purchase and possess firearms is completely different than Europe.

Hey it’s Thursday, I want a new 9mm Glock with a dozen 33 round mags, an FAL and a Benelli shotgun with a 10 round mag. I can walk into my local dealer and walk out with them.
No permission, no licenses, no local LE signatures.

Because we have that right.
Because our forefathers fought to defend that right.

We do not have right here to have weapon, we have illusion that we are protecting ourselves because system gave us option to have pistol.
It is nothing when SHTF.
Thanks God for black market.
In several interviews in last couple of months they asked me same question: “what do you like in US about preppers”?
Answer is same: your RIGHT to have weapons.
Of course that right can be taken from you, but you have long history of having that RIGHT, and I think it can not be taken without huge s..t.