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TC, Whirlibird is right. We is the U. S. A. have a right the 2nd amendment and a God given right.

Also when I posted Europe I meant Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria which are all gun control countries. Norway law is Firearms in Norway are regulated by the Firearm Weapons Act which is like gun control.

Iceland wikipedia is NOT free to own a gun; A license is required to own or possess firearms. National government safety course required before applying for a license. Special license required to own pistols. Pistols may only be used for target shooting at a licensed range. Semi automatic firearms have caliber restrictions.

Many of the ones in wikipedia like Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina has the best of them all but even Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are not the U. S. A. The two most liberal still have to have a permit and a registration of what type of gun you own so this means that at any time the government can go to your home and collect the weapon you have.