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I was in a hurry so I didn’t really get too much of a chance to comment yesterday when I posted this. It has been one hell of a week and it only just started……….

Whether this will happen or it is just a speculation of possible actions taken by an overreaching and corrupt government really isn’t the issue. The fact that this particular scenario is a definite way to get some/many/most (depends on how hard they push and research people’s arsenals) of the guns away from those with something to lose is what scares me. By targeting our children and pushing them for information about what we have in our homes, researching our buying habits to see if we buy Hoppes #9, owning reloading equipment, etc., it could be enough cause for some corrupt politicians to target Joe Public and basically starve him into giving up guns willingly. If all your assets were seized, your kids were with CPS, and you had been locked out of your home it might be easier to just turn over an AR that was known about than it would be to fight the government without any assets.

These politicians are sneaky bastages… Here in WA we are now fighting Prop 1491 that would allow ANYONE to file and have you declared dangerous without due process or knowledge of the proceedings. This would allow LEO to show up with a warrant and forcefully take your firearms from you for at least 1 year. Of course the firearms would be destroyed and you would be left without at that point….. That is a huge King and Pierce Co trick. They will pick you up on some bogus charge, take your firearms, destroy them and then say, “Oops. Sorry.” You get “buyback” funds for what they destroy.

I REALLY need to get into 80% lowers for AR’s, AK’s and 1911’s…. Just saying.