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Stockpiling a 10 day supply of food, water, and meds is ordinarily not a bad idea. Would that ‘Muricans would do the same. But given the recent past performance of the German government in “protecting” its citizens from invasion by hostile foreigners, NOT, were I a German, I’d suspect that Frau Merkel was really trying to indirectly supply the invaders, at minimal cost to the government. She’s already told the citizens to suffer rapes, robberies, and beatings in silence, lest they be arrested for defaming the religion of peace. The invaders can collect their supplies as soon as they’re just a little more numerous, and better prepared.

Does the Führerin still get a lifetime term of office?

What the most people “overlooked” in the original message was the addition: “….and the people must provide their own protection”. Most people didn’t read what the government is writing to them.
When Merkel said “we make it”, who was meant with “we”? The elites where meant, the elites and not the folk. If you really listen to them and read their statements carefully then you can (maybe) figure out what will happen to you.
I fear in the near future we will know what has been devised for us, to be prepared is very important now!

It doesn’t matter if the government indirectly tries to supply them, all folks that are preparing know that they have to protect themselves because no other will do it.
Perhaps they wanted just an economic boost because the people buy anything possible, that would also be a possibility.

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