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probably not too far from the truth, unfortunately.

From the article:
“When the government outlaws semi-automatic firearms, they won’t send cops or troops door-to-door to take them. No, first they’ll send out letters saying they know what you have, and that you have to turn it over by a given deadline or face a penalty.

“It’ll be up to you to prove that you’re clean, and that you’ve handed over everything. They’ll have a list, and if they think you’re still holding, they’ll hit you with asset freezes.

“The other thing they’ll do is take your children.”

Sled, a year or two ago, I would’ve asked whether such governmental action might not require new legislation, which would be challenged, and need to pass muster with the Extreme Court. Now, I’m not so sure. I don’t want to give the FedGov ideas, but if they haven’t already gamed this out with the likely agencies, they’re not the utterly determined stone-evil b@$+@rd$ I think they are.

A lot of people would complain, but if such an “executive action” move is sprung before the upcoming national election, and enforced with lethal action (high profile publicity of dead bodies of a few carefully selected bad guys –self-advertised racists, meth dealers, etc.) it might be generally accepted as “the new law” before anyone dares to complain that the constitution was bypassed. (And what would happen to those so brave?)

The problem has been that “conservatives”, “constitutionists”, and law-abiding gun owners in general, tend to be a fairly tight-lipped, nose-to-the-grindstone, mind-their-own-business types, who don’t impose on their neighbors by jamming their political point of view. They usually leave that to the “liberal” lefty types, who by default, are then taken for the “majority.” So, in America, one dirty piece at a time, it has become en vogue to tell everyone that this country was always in the wrong, and we now owe it to everyone else in the world, to try to obliterate all traces of our (evil) existence, while letting people from everywhere else (who evidently don’t share that point of view) come here at will, and live at our expense until we finally expiate our collective guilt by ceasing to exist.

A nation always pales in comparison to the Utopian version of itself that dreamer-schemers can invent. But I wonder just how willing the lefties are to sacrifice the lives of their progeny, at least those to which they deign to give birth.

It will work about as well as prohibition did in the 1930’s , all it will do is drive things underground , cash will be king .

Good point, Tolik. I used to say that if guns were ever outlawed here, every eighth-grader would have one under his coat. But that would not be a good environment to live in, either, any more than “Prohibition” or the “War on Drugs” brought peace and justice — they were always just disguised sales campaigns, and pretexts for the government to spy on us.

Cry, "Treason!"

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