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I see it more as a feel good move on the part of bureaucrats who think they’ve done their job protecting us from ourselves more than I see it as anything they could make actionable.

Good thoughts throughout your post, MB, though I disagree with just that last line. Those behind all this have a multi-generational outlook, and are very, very patient – and committed to the core. They build on the small building blocks placed by those that went before them. The old “two steps forward, one step back” philosophy is still very much in evidence among those that have taken control of federal, state, and even local governments. Ask American Indians about tribal rights. Look at the state of education. Look at the “privacy” “protections” we no longer have with respect to medical records. Look at the encroachment on the 2nd Amendment. It’s little by little, with outrageous proposals here, some pullback there, but still “progress.” (“Forward!”)

Trump’s Art of the Deal is very instructive, whether he’s part of the destructive forces in our nation or not. His text is still a blueprint of the process. We’re now beginning to see it in play with his immigration policies – start with everything including the kitchen sink, back off, appear to be compromising, but still end up closer to your end objective, wait a while, and restart the process. Again, it’s multi-generational. Their 168 year old textbook provides the internal evidence. Particularly Cloward, Piven, and Alinsky, merely updated the tactics used in modern times, while taking nothing away from the original core philosophy. There is fundamental evil that seeks power and wealth, and once people understand that very simple principle, and the fact that those of similar minds flock to it, then understanding our present circumstances becomes rather simple. Most of the feel-good bureaucrats likely don’t really “get” it – and thereby don’t realize they have become the useful idiots Lenin reportedly identified. [Again – no, it is not about “communism.” It’s worse.]