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There hasn’t been a high CAR/CFR pandemic (case acquisition rate/case fatality rate) since the Black Death killed off anywhere from 30 – 60% of Europe’s population in the 1300’s. The worst pandemic of modern times was the Spanish Flu of 1918. Despite the actual number of deaths being high in real numbers (20 – 40 million worldwide), the world’s population was higher at the end of 1918 than it was at the beginning. It was not a high CAR/CFR societal killer pandemic. Basic common sense could have reduced the 1918 death toll significantly but at the time the concept of public health was still in its infancy. Even the Black Death pandemic did not have to be as bad as it was but what happened was people fleeing the pandemic spread it across all of Europe.

Sometime somewhere either Mother Nature or a govt. will dish up a high CAR/CFR pandemic. Countries like China have active bioweapons programs and likely would see it as a good thing if they killed off a good chunk of their own population as a side benefit to a biowar against the West. An accidental escape or purposeful release could get one going. In the absence of a vaccine the only way of containing it would be to quarantine infected areas. Doing so might doom the healthy within the quarantined zone but the alternative would be uncontrolled spread such as happened in Europe in the 1300’s. Though the article talks about rounding up and detaining people the more likely scenario is quarantining infected areas to let the virus burn itself out when it runs out of hosts. Harsh but true.

Big money and geopolitical interests have seriously compromised the WHO and CDC. They will likely be very slow to take action in the face of evidence of an unfolding high CAR/CFR scenario. As for this new power they’ve given themselves, I see it more as a feel good move on the part of bureaucrats who think they’ve done their job protecting us from ourselves more than I see it as anything they could make actionable.