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Five comments:

1. The tone of the article is sensationalism, which terribly weakens its effectiveness with the general public (most of whom will never see it anyway). Therefore it’s not useful as a widely forwarded link in an email campaign. Yet the quoted substance from the proposed regulations themselves is still substantial. And the news media clearly are not picking up on this. The ONLY wide news search result I can find is a Snopes “False” conclusion, though the interpretation by Snopes is their usual pro-Administration slant (propaganda), in direct conflict with the actual quoted material from the proposal itself.

2. [Rhetorical question] Is there any question at all why, during the ammo crisis a year or so ago, FedGov was buying up massive amounts of substantial (e.g. .40 cal hollow point) ammunition, and they were supplying the alphabet agencies that SHOULD have no need for such “equipment?”

3. Anybody that submits commentary during this public comment period is an absolute fool to go on record against this. Lay low and be prepared. It’s highly unlikely this will be an immediate threat, because this is just more of the groundwork being laid for the future. Keep your precious metals savings high, with investment in all three – Au, Ag, Pb. If you never need it, consider yourself fortunate, just like paying for car or homeowner’s insurance and never having to make a claim.

4. With respect to the Snopes argument (one part of it anyway), this supposedly only pertains to situations where a serious outbreak of a serious disease takes place, and is of such a nature that they have to “contain” it. So, what is the specific criteria beyond which a serious disease can be declared? Seems like a handful of Zika virus cases has nearly risen to the panic level as far as CDC and the Administration are concerned, based on their hype and need for massive amounts of additional money. It’s left up to the CDC to determine the criteria for implementing the crisis measures.

5. I have already faced the threat of forced removal from my position in a FedGov job because of refusal to take the flu shot that covered one of the “world wide disaster flu epidemics” that was about to devastate the entire world (and our country). We have, with 100% success for many years, used a homeopathic nosode, and each year I declined the “mandatory” flu shot at work – because it was not technically mandated. But the year before my retirement, I was threatened with my job. I found a technical loophole in the “big bad” flu shot being added that year, based on a religious objection that they tried to say did not exist, and I claimed it. But I was told by our department chief, in writing, that the rules were being re-written for the following year, with full union approval – which I verified. Thus, the following year it was a choice: the shot or my job. And I retired very shortly before the deadline for the shot – which irritated the snot out of the department chief who would have loved to fire me.

Bottom line: I KNOW these people are serious about this – they tried it for years without teeth, just scary-sounding unenforceable threats. But then they grew teeth, and they’ve already been trying this cr@p in microcosm with their captive little audience of federal employees for years. Most people bend over and just cry “BOHICA,” grudgingly accepting what Massuh tells them they MUST do. Massuh plays hardball.