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Fascinating! They’re not discarding the Constitution; it’s still there. It just means the opposite of what it used to mean…now. (Must be another “reading” of same, by that imminent “constitutional scholar,” B. Hussein O.)

Who’ll get the proposed injections? And what’ll be in them? Check the NSA files for age, ethnicity, Social Security status, voter registration, political affiliation, membership in certain disfavored organizations, online commentary, etc. With a little judicious application of collected information, and selected injection, the Social Security “Trust Fund”, and various disputed “changes” might yet be preserved.

Won’t even need polonium — naahh, nothing exotic and dangerous like that! Designer organisms can do the job over time, and leave no trace. Police State? What police state? Everything here is done by consent — ain’t that right, citizen?

Career opportunity: Undertaker

Cry, "Treason!"