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Excellent. It sums it all up very well. I have read that the Somalis in the US are particularly adept at seeking out the places that give them the best welfare deal. A friend up in the Lewiston Maine area says the Somalis there have been a total disaster for that community.

Meanwhile those of us protesting Syrian refugees coming to Rutland, VT are deemed racists for objecting. Even our local VT State Representatives and Senators can’t get a copy of the application/justication for making Rutland a host community. Freedom of Information requests are being ignored. The suspicion is that it contains many fabrications that they do not want anyone to see. Were the program to be stopped the sponsoring agency would lose the associated payments they get for each refugee brought in. Follow the money as they say.

I am hoping this coming winter is brutally cold with record amounts of snow and that it lasts well into April. The refugees have permanent residency status upon arrival and are free to move anywhere in the US. Maybe a brutal winter will have them seeking a climate elsewhere that is more like Syria. That said, I don’t wish them on anybody but I really don’t want to see the Islamification of my little piece of paradise. I don’t live in Rutland but it is the only place to shop and seek medical or other services for an hour in any direction. My town doesn’t even have a gas station and so we regularly drive into Rutland for most anything we need.