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Freedom, I’m choosing to keep my contributions here largely out of the spiritual realm (except for the few brief entries to that thread in the past). I’ve got some very strong beliefs, but don’t want to push that here, not the least of which is out of respect for different views by others. I’d hate for that kind of discussion to lead to others choosing to simply withdraw altogether, or worse, get into a flame war here. There are too many good people here to risk making enemies of our own “battle buddies” over religious differences. (I do happen to believe that mankind was given the gift of agency from the beginning, and that it’s a fundamental principle. It’s called liberty and freedom. Anything less than that makes the rule-maker an oppressive slave master – and that was/is the role of the adversary, not the Master of it all. That just makes much-too-much sense to me. But that’s as far as I’m willing to go with that here.)