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Venezuela was a slow economical collapse which is one option that may happen here in the U. S.
Second option is a total collapse that happens in days or weeks. This one would be very hard on everyone even the prepared.
The Venezuelan model has happen many times including Cuba. The slow collapse is a way to easily control the population. Venezuela and Cuba were done with the population not being armed. The Cuban collapse was even slower then Venezuelan collapse. The Communist knew that the Cuban system of the slower collapse was not going to work in Venezuela because Cuba is an island and Venezuela has borders were the population can find a way to cross the borders and get supplies and weapons. The Cuban people do not have that option.

We will see if in Venezuela the government can stay in control of there population. The population is fighting back on the streets. So time will tell what happens in Venezuela.

In the U. S. the collapse may bring a civil war because we are armed. This is why the government is trying so hard to control our freedoms including our right to purchase guns and ammo. I think that the government has found that it is easier to control ammo and that is the way they will go.