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That which they can’t do by law they will attempt via regulation. The media all too often chooses to purposely not cover the implications of regulatory changes. The social justice warriors are in charge and are not accountable to anyone for their actions.

In recent weeks on several occasions with different groups of people the topic came up of how over regulated we have become in all facets of life to the point of common sense just not being applied anymore. Much of the problem is that it has come incrementally a little at a time so that most people hardly notice the change. Over time it does tally up to very large changes however.

Our low population and relative lack of resources here in VT means small govt compared to many other places. Regulation is but a fraction of what exists to our south in MA. Yet even here I can see the incremental creep. My town does not have building or any other kind of inspectors and zoning is fairly basic but we do have a zoning administrator that works a handful of hours per month issuing building permits. The one we had for years more applied common sense than he did the letter of the law and the system worked. He didn’t want to do it anymore and was replaced earlier this year by someone far more zealous. In my elected capacity at Town Hall I get copies of all the permits issued and also see associated correspondence. The new guy is strictly adhering to all zoning and other regs to a degree that I probably wouldn’t have been granted a permit for my greenhouse. At issue would have been its proximity to a wetlands, a stream, and my pond despite it being built on the exact same spot and having a smaller footprint as a large shed/animal stall that I tore down. The new guy is now our new normal and we are in a different place than we had been for years, though few notice because few seek building permits. It comes a little and a little.