Toby C
Toby C

Short but simple replies from me up in Sweden where a lot of these ‘asylum seekers’ are being placed:

1) The media is labeling everyone coming into Europe as ‘asylum seekers’, this is grossly irresponsible and entirely mis-leading. We have coming here 3 distinct groups:

1 – Asylum seekers – People fleeing war
2 – Economic Migrants – People looking to get to Europe for a vast ‘upgrade’ in lifestyle
3 – Immigrants – People voluntarily moving for a variety of reasons, typically work or relationship related.

Caveat. I fit into category 3. I moved to Sweden form the UK 9 years ago. I have had significant contact with all 3 groups in the last 3 years.

The question: Where do they get the money? Families typically pool all resources for cat.2 to send the healthiest most able member on the journey. Once they have ‘permission to stay’ in the host nation they will immeaditaley petition to have any and all family members brought over as is their ‘right’ (Note it was exactly this aspect that was tackled in the June 2016 law change here in Sweden, for good reason. Still too little too late, but thats another discussion)

The media is completely subservient to the establishment in all these stories, so yes, propaganda and manipulation at it finest. This entire process is politically orchestrated and financially motivated. If you had any idea of the sums involved in ‘caring’ for these ‘asylum seekers’ (ALL in the private sector) You’d understand a large part of the motivation behind it.

$1600 is a low ball figure. i routinely speak to people that paid 5-10,000 Euros ($5500-11,000) to get here…

Here’s the kicker. What would you be willing to pay and endure to get out of a corrupt and poverty stricken country to start a new life in a prosperous society?

Also understand these economic migrants are enticed and lied too (EXTENSIVELY) by the smugglers about conditions to expect when they get here. This causes all sorts of immediate tensions and problems on arrival…


And once folks ‘learn the laws’ they push for increased benefits

Naturally all of this creates anger and frustration in a significant portion of taxpayers (Who are ignored by the authorities and labelled, very openly, as ‘racist’ for questioning policy)


Hope this helps…?