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Are all these gigantic information systems even real. Does anybody wonder what the point of keeping an infinite amount of data means. Its like a bad case of hoarding.

Anyone that’s ever even toyed around with relational database applications, doesn’t wonder for even a moment what the point of keeping an infinite amount of data means. They that understand shudder – and strive to keep as much of their own information as possible out of those databases.

Even those that have no idea what a relational database is, need only to observe what happens in highly reported crimes. Within just a few hours, it’s already reported where the suspect lived, who lived with him, where he purchased his weapons and ammunition, where his friends and relatives live, etc. My wife and I watched the first Jason Bourne movie (The Bourne Identity) again the other night. Jason Bourne randomly chooses a young woman (Marie) to at least temporarily drive him out of harm’s way. Government people scoured phone and other records to determine Marie’s contacts, places she’s lived or been over many years, and do it all within minutes. They pick up a call she made to a rural farm in France that wasn’t even answered, and they zero in there – almost successfully (i.e. nearly killing Jason Bourne). The photos, phone data, location data, banking data, etc., etc., etc., are all searchable in extremely short periods of time, based on (i.e. related to) a specific individual. And suddenly that “randomly” collected data over many years gels into a highly coherent and minutely detailed biography of that individual – usable for any purpose. THAT is “the point of keeping an infinite amount of data.”