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Rough ride? Indeed! How could it be otherwise? Debt “money” — the societal permission for a few “special” wealthy individuals, acting through what purport to be banks, to issue (or withhold) “credit” created at negligible cost to themselves, and “lend” it to governments, to be endlessly “repaid” by the stolen labor of the ordinary citizens, is two fundamental lies — (1) that what was “lent” was actually worth something, in the first place, and (2) that it can ever be “repaid,” when the additional credit, representing the “interest” was not created. Paying such “debt” off is a mathematical impossibility. Out of the entire range of human endeavors, how many families, businesses, social organizations, nations, empires have you ever heard of — which became long term successes, producing widespread prosperity — that were based on lies?

Debt money, mandated by government (legal tender), only provides lifetime benefits to those few who have easy (and immediate) access to the newly issued “money” before it successively, progressively (there’s that word), and inverse-proportionately, ruins each less fortunate subgroup, in turn, that must accept it for their labors. It virtually assures the prosperity of those at the head of the line, and the poverty of those at the tail. You might advance up the line, but only by foisting off a share of your “debt” on some other poor slob(s.)

Push for all the political “reforms” you like. You may occasionally even get a few of them — temporarily. But if those who run the money machine don’t like what you’ve done, they’ll simply use their unlimited credit (made acceptable by your diligent “repayment”) to “influence” the popular culture, “education,” the “news,” and the politicians (including courts) to eventually undo them — and you. Playing their game, by their “flexible” rules, is asking for your own undoing. When you’re up to your arse in alligators, it’s too late to drain the swamp. Europe refuses to learn, just as the USA refuses to learn.

The money masters have conquered just about every nation on earth. They are now in the consolidation phase, mashing those nations into ever larger political blocs, with ever more similar (and dictatorial) rules, with endless internal strife, and “limited” warfare, as but two of many “management” tools. Parabellum!

Cry, "Treason!"

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