Forgot to put some info about these guns down.

My last department, we got 4 1911’s from the 1033 program.

Had I not been a gunsmith, they would have gone back.
$1000 later and they were more than serviceable, they could be used.

Loose as a goose is an understatement. Four mixmasters, torn apart and reassembled with different parts every time it seemed.
They worked, but that’s about all I’d give you.

After swapping parts to make three complete ‘brand’ guns and one Ithaca over Colt, I started to rebuild them, tighten them and make them better than original.

$250 each doesn’t seem like much considering $100 night sights. And it isn’t.
Had they been customer guns, it would have been another $250+ per gun to get the same result to begin to cover my work. And that’s not replacing the barrels.

Guns that were hard pressed to hit a paper plate at 15y were now capable of reduced size silhouette hits at 100y.

And they ran 100%.

The days of the like new GI gun are long past.
Unless you desire a piece of history, go buy a MIL Spec Springfield Armory and replace a couple of parts. You’ll be well ahead.

Sure I’d like to get one of the 1911’s my grandfather’s carried across the South Pacific or Europe, but the odds aren’t good or realistic.

Instead I will content myself with building new, with special markings to honor the service of all my Grandparents. Three kids, three branches of service, three special guns.