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Talk about an amazingly awful law! Not only does it simply use the word “property,” not “land” or “real estate” to designate what the government can “appropriate” from whites, it also says the land will be valued not only on alleged market value, but also “current use, history of the acquisition, the purpose of expropriation.” So let’s see …. Currently vast areas are without crops due to severe drought, presumably much of the land (particularly targeted land) was acquired by the parents or even grandparents of the current owners, so the current owners are 2nd and 3rd generations on the land – yet it will be confiscated out from under them with whatever “fair” compensation this angry black government chooses to “offer” them. What’s more, they’d still owe the bank loans on the property – the bill makes no provision for paying off the portion of a loan pertaining to the confiscated land. And you can bet that the vast majority of farms are heavily mortgaged just to keep the owners afloat after the severe drought they experienced over multiple crop periods. With the simple word “property” as the criteria, the white farmers will be lucky to get away with ANY farm equipment to continue on their reduced acreage (if they even have any acreage left at all). Heck – their “property” not only includes the tractors and trucks, but also the cars, kitchen utensils, beds, couches and chairs, and even money.

I see the migration ramping up rapidly – if they can find anywhere they could possibly afford to go anymore and/or that will even take them in. We’ve already heard about one of our Forum member’s results when investigating Australia. Heart breaking!