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It makes you wonder if these people are really capable of running a country.

That’s exactly NOT the point. It isn’t about running the country, it’s about running it into the ground – and beneath. For further insight on all this in SA, read the following two articles:

Dear Mr. President, you are the cleverest of them all” (a letter to Jacob Zuma)

A scary right-wing wave is sweeping a fractured world,” which begins with, “A WORD of warning to all fellow citizens who share my sense of exasperation at the state of the nation under the misrule of President Jacob Zuma. Don’t imagine you would be better off leaving the country, for the wider world seems also to be undergoing a spasm of political lunacy.”

That latter article argues, among other things, that England is about “to perform a kind of liposuction surgery on their homeland to reduce its status to that of an isolated Little England.” The author claims that those that claim to want to extricate themselves from rule by 27 other nations bent on self-destruction, are actually trying to drive England into severe isolationism. Therefore South Africans are better off staying in SA under Jacob Zuma (according to the author)! Self-rule by England is nothing other than “political lunacy.” And it’s happening all over the world! (so sez the author)

For the explanation to all of this, but to avoid long duplication here (and only after the above two articles have been read and digested), you can read it under another post here in the Forum that deals with the falsely titled article about the “first completely resistant germ … in the USA.”