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This issue should be seen as simply a symptom of the two factors I maintain are hard at work. As I’ve said before, totally ignore the first three chapters of the Communist Manifesto. I mean that literally. Don’t bother to even read them. They were put there as a smokescreen. It’s all in the final chapter which was put there as a single page in order to look like just an epilogue. The Cambridge Dictionary defines an epilogue as, “a speech or piece of text added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short statement about what happens to the characters after the play or book finishes.” In other words, Marx and Engels wanted the first three chapters to appear to be what their work was all about. People often just ignore epilogues. After all, the play or book is finished, the audience or reader has already invested a lot of time in it and is mentally finished – because it’s over. Why would they really want to hear the author’s brief “goodbye” at the end? And that was exactly the point of structuring the Manifesto as Marx and Engels did – even if people read it, they’d already formed their opinions about what the “actual” play (or in this case book) was about, so little if any mental attention would be paid to that short 3/4 of one page “stuck” on the end. I fell into that trap for over 30 years, and didn’t discover it until the past couple of years – feeling rather foolish when I realized what I’d missed.

In fact, that little 3/4 of a page was still called a “section” (what Marx called ALL of the chapters), so it should have just as much significance as a major piece of the work – yet it’s effectively hidden in plain sight as a little tiny afterthought. Its main theme – stated twice in just the final eight sentences of the entire book, is to “support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things,” and “the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” Admitted in the the 2nd sentence on that page is the fact that they are only working “for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class.”

It is entirely about the overthrow of the social and political order, so the “Communists” can take over. That should really be read as “Marxists.” The word “communism” is part of the smokescreen. It’s what almost everyone thinks it is – an economic system. After all, Marx was supposedly an economist – or so various reference sources would have us believe. In reality – carefully hidden from almost everyone, even most identifying themselves as “communists,” is what it was really all about: a system that at its ultimate triumph takes complete control of everything – “They have a world to win.” That is the final sentence in the entire book. That little rah-rah cheer at the end to rally the “people” – “Working Men of All Countries, Unite!” – was already invalidated at the top of the page when Marx admitted that they were only working “for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class.” They are being used – Lenin’s “useful idiots.”

So combine the original blueprint to “forcibl[y] overthrow of all existing social conditions,” and thus destroy “the existing social and political order of things,” with the modern update by Cloward and Piven (completely consistent with Marx’ 168 year old blueprint), and the almost inexplicable, seemingly insane policies we’re seeing, suddenly become transparently clear. You feel like “they” (whoever “they” are) are trying to control what you eat, what meds you can take, whether you can protect yourself using those “unalienable rights?” You’ve “got it,” and didn’t even fully realize it. The goal IS to destroy all order, i.e. create total chaos. Then the Dark State is in a position to “save” us by taking control, when we’re sick, weak, and feeling entirely hopeless (at least those of us still alive).

Crazy conspiracy theory? Go read it for yourself, and then compare it to all the frustrating, weird, seemingly insane policies and decisions being made “for” us, today. It doesn’t matter what country or region of the world. The pattern is there, once it’s understood, and emerges from hiding in plain sight. Read those first seven paragraphs of that final chapter carefully. There Marx explicitly explains how “they” work their way into all sorts of groups, depending on how those groups can best serve the ultimate ends of the Marxists. Suddenly the policies of the American “opposition” party – the Republicans – make sense, such as last December’s absurd budget deal after Paul Ryan took over from John Boehner, their assistance in passing Obamacare, and a host of other seemingly inexplicable positions from “conservative” Republicans. And Marx clearly shows how in reality the “working class” is really just a tool to overthrow the “bourgeoise” – with whom the “Communists” even intentionally cooperate (paragraph 5 in that last chapter). It’s not at all about “communism.” It’s about using whatever means necessary to secure ultimate power. It’s what Marxism is, and what Casey’s people call the “Dark State.” They will seemingly keep trying to help save us from a whole host of diseases and other evils (like global warming, running out of drinking water, all manner of food with various chemicals in them such as mercury, etc., etc., etc. And we will rely on government more and more as they economy is systematically destroyed while more and more regulatory decrees are put in place by a monarch-president and nameless agency bureaucrats writing regulations. Remember, “When a law is ambiguous, the Supreme Court held in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, courts owe great deference to how executive branch agencies interpret that law in their own regulations.” Laws are passed with little specificity, and government agencies then write the regulations – and by Court decree, also get to interpret what they mean.

Georgia Saint – all that over just an antibiotic question? Yep! It ain’t about antibiotics. That’s just one of the many symptoms of the disease (and thereby, just another smokescreen).