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There could be many different reasons for the severe malformations shown in those photos, and the problem is we don’t know what all the ramifications are of GMOs. I really worry that over-hyping the issue will have a negative impact by discrediting ANY problems that “crop” up (pun intended) from the use of GMOs. And Monsanto and others have too much at stake to suddenly become moral, ethical, etc., if some bad stuff finally does crop up.

We have no idea how one seemingly positive effect of GMOs could impact something else in a very negative way. For example, here’s exactly the opposite of what I mean. Think about how the REintroduction of a small number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park caused this incredible chain reaction of completely unforeseen conditions and changes (by most people – except perhaps American Indians who are probably sitting back shaking their heads in frustration, saying, “We TOLD you so!”). The fact is, the reintroduction of the wolves was only just a quarter century ago, and we’re now only beginning to truly understand just how massive and widespread the “side effects” have been.

Though it was a humorous commercial slogan years ago, I have always liked the phrase, “It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.” And likewise, I don’t trust artificially modifying organisms and then turning them loose in nature, where there’s no chance of recall if things go wrong. Are the Europeans wrong? I don’t know. All I do know is that there certainly seem to be a number of highly placed folks that are NOT comfortable that a few short scientific studies – of unknown independence and quality – are enough to guarantee our safety and security. I have no doubt that some of the photos that are thrown around on the internet and in mass email have nothing to do with GMOs. What I don’t know, is how many DO have to do with GMOs….