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I don’t load 20 rounds at each charge just to find what the gun likes. I doubt that’s what you ment to say. I already shot the upper limits for this powder in half grain increments, and yes it is important, that half grain is the difference between burst primers or not, rght at 42.5 grains. It’s a bit puzzling because no other high pressure signs are apparent at 42 gr… At 42.5 the primers are not flattened but the primer starts to flow back into the firing pin hole. I could switch to a harder primer but the groups aren’t worth spending the extra money to pursue it. 1/10 grain incriminates works for me and is not a waste of powder. The difference between 40 grains and 41 grains is about half a moa. When I hit 40.5 the group opens up. The gun shoots off bags fine but bags are a pain to move around. Sometimes I want to do easy. I can see this load will shoot sub moa all day if I do my part. I’m going to try prone and see what happens.

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