Not enough information.

Gun, style of bipod, direction the legs fold? Mounting screws hitting the barrel?

In afraid your second post is the most telling, go back to sandbags for groups until you can work on technique.

1/10 increments? Waste of powder and bullets.
Unless we are talking about a bench gun,
The gun won’t notice the miniscule variation at .308 levels. The .223 maybe,

On more than one occasion, shooting a mess of ammo with powder charges that spanned 5 grains difference, I got a better group than with one solo charge.

I don’t trust a 3 shot group, even a five is suspect. Ten or twenty, now we are talking.
Twenty? Yup, putting a new target over the last one, stacking em every 3-5 rounds. Now look at that bottom target and see what the rifle is capable of. Will it be a pretty cloverleaf? No.
But it will be a true indication of how the gun will do, not luck or a fluke group.