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GMO products are all contaminated with glyphosate as most come from one source and are made for round up ready. You can read all you wish about the toxicity of it and the clever spin trying to make it seem safe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovKw6YjqSfM but they wont stand behind their comments. BT corn has the glyphosate made by the cells inside cant wash that off and how much vitamin C do you take 99% from corn how much high fructose corn syrup do you drink? how many other corn products do you consume let alone the myriad of other types of GMO food. What do you think most of the meat you eat gets for feed?

remember you cant wash off glyphosate as it goes into the plants and becomes systemic to work.

as for mutations on the animals, more sick animals than ever coming to slaughter, most of the internals are “un healthy” there is a reason why breeding stock gets different feed. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/08/14/usda-sick-animal-ban-column/13569101/ most mutations dont live long enough and since most farms for meat are now factory farms do you think they would allow farmers to come forth and say anything?

average chicken place with 35,000 birds will lose 20-50 a day for the 35-42 day life cycle. i dont have a nearly as many only 100 i lose 1or none a year to predators they all walk and go outside dig in the compost , rake the grass in orchard, run around. The get grain grown locally of a non gmo kind i eat they get fruit and left overs from the green house, Hell they peck at the bones the dogs leave around. They do get cued down 4 times a year for my personal larder most of those are 1 year to 3years old depending if it is a good layer or not.

at a commercial farm they die by 60 days on average as a vet that works at one, mostly from respiratory and heart failure. All the chicks are brought to the farmer from the company so they wont see any mutations.

Monsanto fought hard to not have the possibly causing cancer put on to it http://www.euractiv.com/section/science-policymaking/news/un-cancer-agency-issues-warning-about-five-pesticides/ i believe that more will come out like when cigarettes where finally outed for what they are. took decades.