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Arrgh! Dumb! I read through that quickly, missed the “State” part, not to mention the obvious lack of logic that a U.S. senator or representative has to live in D.C. the majority of the time and couldn’t possibly do what you described – DUH! Thanks for the correction.

My grandparents used to take us up through New England when we were little, with our mother being a divorced single parent. I loved it up there. We even visited and stayed in Kennebunkport (LONG before anybody cared about the Bushes). I used to love the tide pools along that rocky coast, the beautiful green mountains and countryside in NH and VT, visiting the old original Orvis store (at least I think it was the original one – back in the 50s), the old Vermont Country Store (with its cracker barrel), etc. Just beautiful country that I even appreciated as a kid well before my teens. But then we were always visiting in the summer. I had no problem with winters in Michigan or NY back then, but age has changed this body considerably. I still hope to bring my “bride” (45 years) up one of these autumns – she really wants to see the colors in New England. I just don’t know how to time it (and afford lodging at that high-demand time).