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When I first saw the story, I was about to cry back, “That’s OLD NEWS.” But then I noticed the date on that “old news.” That makes it even worse – it was reported on at the time, and nothing’s been done about it. We don’t hear anything at all – because it IS “old news.” Good find, Namelus.

Thanks to Obama and HRC for their brilliant foreign policy in Libya. [sarc/off] But then again, what are the Republicans trying to do about it even now? They wouldn’t even bring up the REAL reasons Benghazi was in operation, who visited Ambassador Stevens minutes before the attack, or what the visit was about (arms from Libya to Syria by way of our wonderful friends in Turkey). If only General Ham was able to tell what he knows (and really thinks)….

We also don’t fly anymore. Took a 5000 mile road trip last year (tough on these old bodies), mostly to avoid flying.